Intelligence in Food Systems

We collect, aggregate, and process data that feeds the African Continent

We are here to solve the world's fundamental challenge,

Feeding People.

With the global population increasing, we need to find new solutions that are scalable, and sustainable to the planet.

To work on this, we start with providing agriculture data of the African continent so that we can increase food production, monitor food security and mitigate the effect of climate change in the continent.


Providing Market Information to Farmers in Zambia

We aim to provide accurate and reliable data to our clients. We provide over 100 Zambian farmers

with market information so that they can know which market has the best prices and return have more financial returns


Transforming Economic Value Chain

With our accurate & up to date data, companies and businesses can supplement their current supply chains, plan accordingly and make data-informed decisions.

We are Working with Customers to


Plan Accordingly

Optimize the supply chains by comparing on different suppliers of their specific needs.

Forecast Accordingly

use our data to forecast the risk in supply chains and crop production.

Monitor Accordingly

Use data to monitor food security in your region.

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